#Futureofcities was a nine month “social documentary initiative” launched in October 2014 by Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassadors, and inspired by Panos Pictures.

Panos photographers around the world were invited to collaborate by submit stories of change that give insights about the future of cities.

14 stories from 21 places are now shared on an interactive map on the storytelling platform Maptia. The map includes selected and curated stories, and it is not open to participation; people are invited to further the conversation using the hashtag #Futureofcities on social media.

Rather than imaging futures, this project reflects on change by looking at stories from the present. In this, it reminds me a bit of the Uneven Growth  online platform.

The #FutureofCities stories
The #FutureofCities stories on Maptia


Maptia –  #Futureofcities: https://maptia.com/channels/futureofcities

Blog: http://futureofcities.tumblr.com/about

An article on Wired: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2015-05/14/maptia-future-of-cities