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The Incomplete City

At some point in mid-May, my Twitter feed got populated with tweets and re-tweets of photos of an enigmatic hand-drawn city that was taking shape on the wall of a room at Bartlett. Finally, we are able to learn all the details about the project from a fascinating essay called “The Incomplete City”, which was published on Medium by Dan Hill.
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A Travel Guide to the Future

The Travel Guide to the Future is a DIY fanzine that maps and tells stories of “futures made locally, in heterogeneous communities, and with marginalised public”.

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We Will Be There – Map of the Future (Density Design for WIRED Italy)

In 2009, the Italian edition of the magazine”WIRED”  asked Density Design to bring together the scenarios developed as part of the game Superstruct into a map that could describe visually how the future might unfold.

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Seeing Beyond Ourselves (Emerge 2012)

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Crystal Chain (Gläserne Kette)

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By The City/For The City – The Institute For Urban Design

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