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Process Lab: Citizen Design

Process Lab: Citizen Design is an exhibition running at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum from September 30th 2016 to September 17th 2017.

Through a series of props and tools, the exhibition takes participants through a design process in which they are asked to respond to a future-shaping challenge.

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Carl Skelton describes Betaville as a massive participatory online editable mirror-world (well, New York only… for now?).  Continue reading “Betaville”


Datapolis is a board game by the Open Data Institute, created by Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison. Continue reading “Datapolis”

Mobile Utopia

The Incomplete City

At some point in mid-May, my Twitter feed got populated with tweets and re-tweets of photos of an enigmatic hand-drawn city that was taking shape on the wall of a room at Bartlett. Finally, we are able to learn all the details about the project from a fascinating essay called “The Incomplete City”, which was published on Medium by Dan Hill.
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A Travel Guide to the Future

The Travel Guide to the Future is a DIY fanzine that maps and tells stories of “futures made locally, in heterogeneous communities, and with marginalised public”.

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Archigram, one of the most influential architectural groups of the last century, famous for bridging social, technological, and architectural aspects in speculative visions and projects, began as a magazine. The publication, was initially hand made and put together by Peter Cook, David Greene, and Mike Webb. It started in 1961 and came out with nine issues. Ron Herron, Dennis Crompton, and Warren Chalk joined the group later on. Continue reading “Archigram”

We Will Be There – Map of the Future (Density Design for WIRED Italy)

In 2009, the Italian edition of the magazine”WIRED”  asked Density Design to bring together the scenarios developed as part of the game Superstruct into a map that could describe visually how the future might unfold.

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LATBD is an art installation by the futurist and architecture writer Geoff Manaugh and the architect duo Smout Allen.

The installation, displayed in the Treasure Room of USC Libraries (University of Southern California) from October 2015 to January 2016, speculates on possible futures for Los Angeles, drawing on some aspects of its past that contributed to shaping its present. “L.A.T.B.D”, in fact, stands for “Los Angeles, To Be Determined”.

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