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Process Lab: Citizen Design

Process Lab: Citizen Design is an exhibition running at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum from September 30th 2016 to September 17th 2017.

Through a series of props and tools, the exhibition takes participants through a design process in which they are asked to respond to a future-shaping challenge.

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Carl Skelton describes Betaville as a massive participatory online editable mirror-world (well, New York only… for now?).  Continue reading “Betaville”

Mobile Utopia

The Incomplete City

At some point in mid-May, my Twitter feed got populated with tweets and re-tweets of photos of an enigmatic hand-drawn city that was taking shape on the wall of a room at Bartlett. Finally, we are able to learn all the details about the project from a fascinating essay called “The Incomplete City”, which was published on Medium by Dan Hill.
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Maptia #Futureofcities

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Crystal Chain (Gläserne Kette)

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World without Oil

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Uneven Growth (MOMA) Platform and exhibition

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Imaginable Guidelines Istanbul (HEYigi)

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